Welcome to the MergeOnBrowse (MOB) HTML Extension

Our Vision is to separate HTML Documents into structural content, Static content and Dynamic content and that these can be referred to from the HTML document through URIs. We believe that the resulting decrease in the size of responses to requests for HTML pages will bring incremental efficiencies as will the benefits of being able to cache these new URIs.

(MOB)HTML currently uses AJAX to implement this concept and pulls together the Structural content, Static content and Dynamic content into the complete HTML document. It is our hope that (MOB)HTML will be replaced by standard templating abilities in future versions of HTML.

(MOB)HTML works today and is cross browser compatible working on any AJAX capable brower. It works on Microsoft Windows&tm;, UNIX&tm; and Mac&tm; platforms on Internet Explorer 6, Firefox (all versions), Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Minimo.

Click here for a working examples and documentaion

(MOB)HTML is based on code licensed from Paglis Software ( under the terms of the OSI certified Open Source Artistic License (
Copyright © 2005 Paglis Software All Rights Reserved.

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